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Buy 3-MMC (3-methylmethcathinone) Powder


Prices for 3-MMC

25g/ $190
50g/ $320
100g/ $600
200g/ $1000
500g/ $2300
1kg/ $4000




Buy 3-MMC (3-methylmethcathinone) Powder

Before you Buy 3mmc powder, Know the street names: 3mmc, 3-mephedrone, 3m, meow, meow

3-MMC is a fairly new substance that has become more and more famous in recent years. You wake up, talkative and sometimes horny.

Buy 3-MMC Powder

If you take
3-MMC Powder
Threshold 10 – 25
Low 25 – 75
Average 75-130
High 130-200


If you
snort 3-MMC
Milligram (mg)
Threshold 5 – 15
Low 15 – 25
Average 25 – 75
High 75-125

* If you snort 3-MMC you may suffer more from a strong urge to take a new dose each time

Effects of 3-MMC Powder

Duration of action

If you take 
Total 4 – 6 hours
Attendance 10 – 60 minutes
Peak 2 – 3 hours
After Effects 3 – 6 hours


If you
snort 3-MMC Powder *
Total  2 – 3 hours
Attendance 1 – 10 minutes
Peak 12 o’clock
After Effects 1 hour

* If you snort 3-MMC you may experience more of a strong urge to keep taking a new dose.


Where to Buy 3-MMC Powder in Australia

Treasure Chemicals delivers 3-MMC to Australia, Canada, USA, UK and The European Union. you can get pure 3-mmc crystal and powder at anytime for best prices.

Effects of 3-MMC Powder and Crystal
3-MMC is a stimulant drug with mild entactogenic properties. The psychological effects are close to mephedrone and also slightly resemble MDMA, but it is perceived as less “magical”.
  • Euphoria
  • Energy
  • Want to talk
  • Alertness
  • Empathy
  • Social connection
  • Increased confidence
  • Suppression of fear
  • Fancy sex
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • More appreciation for music
  • Irritability
  • Fear
  • Aggression
  • Hallucinations

Characteristics of 3-MMC Powder/Crystal

3-MMC usually comes in powder or crystal form. It is white and grainy / crystal-like in structure. The television program EenVandaag also found 3-MMC in bottles of ‘libido enhancer ‘ that were sold through general web stores.

When 3-MMC comes into contact with marquis reagent , it dissolves effervescently and slowly fades to light yellow.

agents 3-MMC is often contaminated with other new psychoactive substances (NPS). Sometimes there are synthetic cathinones (such as 4-CMC) in the powder. But there are also powders and crystals that contain amphetamine-like substances such as 4-FMA. Such contaminants can only be discovered in a test lab .

Legal status

3-methylmethcathinone is nowhere mentioned in Dutch law and is therefore an unregulated substance. Remember that legal status has nothing to do with the risks of a substance. It is still a research chemical about which almost nothing is known. The health risks only become apparent when incidents occur with the use of the drug.


Harm-reduction tips

Follow the basic rules for psychonauts


  • Good planning
  • Well rested
  • Eat healthy and energy-rich 2 hours in advance
  • Brush your teeth well


  • Cool regularly
  • Do not re-dose
  • Drink enough
  • Try to eat
  • Do not combine with other drugs


  • Energy-rich food
  • Rest well
  • Brush your teeth well
  • Avoid chronic or regular use

To combine

Combination use entails additional risks, these risks are even greater with 3-MMC because little is known about the substance. Drug combinations with NPS are not considered sensible recreational use.

Do not combine with:

  • LSD
  • Magic mushrooms
  • mescaline
  • 2C-x
  • MAOIs
  • MDMA
  • 4-FA
  • mephedrone (4-MMC)
  • PCP
  • DXM
  • Cocaine
  • Speed
  • GHB / GBL


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