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Buy Phenibut (phenyl-aminobutyric acid)
 Street names to know before you buy: Fenibut, Phenybut, Noofen, Citrocard

Where to Buy Phenibut

To know where to buy Phenibut is a good way as it is a drug proven to treat a lot especially in Canada. Phenibut for sale at Treasure Chemicals

Buy Phenibut: Psychological Effects

Phenibut is a narcotic or stimulant drug with euphoric and anti-anxiety properties. The phenibut molecule is very similar to substances such as Baclofen and Gabapentin, and presumably works in the brain in a similar way. Depending on the dose, the euphoria can be compared to that of GHB and the anxiety reduction to that of benzodiazepines such as diazepam (Valium). 

  • euphoria
  • energy or sedation
  • want to talk
  • social connection
  • increased self-confidence
  • suppression of fear
  • sex drive
  • more appreciation for music
  • disinhibition
  • increased motivation

Phenibut (almost) always occurs in powder form, whether or not in a capsule. It is white and grainy / crystalline in texture.


Reddit: Beginner’s Guide


Harm reduction

Follow the basic rules for psychonauts


  • Good planning
  • well rested
  • be in good mental health. People with anxiety complaints can use phenibut as a ‘solution’. Self-medication against serious psychological complaints is not recommended.


  • drink enough
  • do not re-dose
  • do not combine with other drugs


  • avoid chronic or regular use
To combine

Combination use entails additional risks. In the case of phenibut, the combination with any other downer is strongly discouraged, because it, among other things, increases the suppression of breathing and the heart rate of both substances.

Do not combine with:


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